Sep 252008

Counter-productivity at its best: smoking while riding a bike. It’s like eating ice cream on the way to the gym. Genius.

To the person who posted the GO RAMS/ORGASM thing, man I thought that was clever … back when I joined that Facebook group a year ago.

If Chemistry and Calculus had an illegitimate child, its name would be Physics.

Having a life in college: the reason I will never have a 4.0.

Is anyone else getting the increased feeling that some professors have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about?

I think that the “I know sex” t-shirts should be reserved for the students who have taken animal reproduction. We REALLY know sex.

To the girl who wants to bring back writing notes: Will you go out with me? Yes. No. Maybe. (Circle one.)

It’s not easy being green — there’s never any bike parking!

I just wanted to thank the city of Fort Collins. Apparently, if there is more than three unrelated people living in one home they help the community by forcing one of you to live out of your truck.

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