Sep 242008
Authors: Johnny Hart

During tonight’s episode of “The Office,” a Tide To Go advertisement will feature the music of Fort Collins resident and rapper John “Miko” Sy, who won a Tide To Go contest challenging participants to remake a talking stain commercial broadcast during this year’s Super Bowl.

The commercial features Sy’s music in the form of a rapping stain that is created when Sy, playing a businessman, spills coffee on himself.

“I was like ‘I should take the gift of rap, that I have been developing for the last 15 years, and make a creative spin on the Tide To Go commercial,'” Sy said.

Sy does missionary work with the CSU group Fellowship of Catholic University Students in addition to creating music as a hobby.

Regardless of his position at FOCUS, Sy said his faith isn’t directly tied into his music but that it more influences his music.

“It influences my music because I don’t rap about using girls or talking about how awesome I am,” Sy said. “My content is deep; it’s not preachy.”

The idea to submit the mock commercial came after Sy watched the other submissions and felt that he could win.

“I was really intrigued by the original commercial during the Super Bowl,” he said. “When I saw the video submissions for them, I thought they were good, but they were pretty redundant.”

According to Sy, he was one of 10 finalists from a field of 230 chosen by popular vote.

“I’m excited for him,” said Daniel Pott, CSU construction management sophomore and one of Sy’s friends. “The fact that he won a contest is pretty cool.”

Sy said he had never published any music but had entered open-mic nights at his alma mater, the University of Illinois – Champagne, while working as an accountant in Chicago.

“It’s just my own thing I do. It’s like a passion, an outlet,” Sy said. “Music was really my escape.”

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