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Authors: Justin Warren

When the BYU Invitational ended in Provo, Utah on Saturday, the CSU tennis team stood as one of the top three teams in the tournament.

“It was a great tournament,” said head coach Jon Messick. “We won seven out of eight of our first matches, and we were real close to BYU for wins in the tournament.”

The Rams started competition on Thursday and when the tournament was over, the Rams had won first place in the black draw finals.

Leading the way for the Rams was Greer Satherlie, who won the final match of the black draw round versus Shannon Young of Air Force.

“It was a difficult match because it felt like I had been playing all day,” said Satherlie. “I felt like I was hitting the ball well . but I was getting tired.”

On her way to victory, Satherlie had to defeat her teammate Kirsten Stople in the semifinals.

“I had to play against her last week in Wyoming also,” said Stople. “She is a good friend of mine, and when you play your teammate, you know your team is doing well.”

When Satherlie and Stople faced off against each other, coach Messick got a change to enjoy a match.

“When two of my players face each other, I try not to watch or coach the match. You just have to let them both play and give them comments on their performance after the match,” said Coach Messick.

In the doubles matches, CSU’s Laura Neal and teammate Anette Pohjalainen won their quarterfinal match over the team from Utah, but fell to Lauren Megale and Klaudia Wlodarcyk of Boise State in the final round.

“I was very pleased and thought we had good results in the doubles matches,” said Coach Messick.

Coach Messick is now looking ahead to his team’s next tournament in Colorado Springs for the Air Force Invitational in two weeks.

“Next tournament in Colorado Springs is going to be difficult, with Colorado and Denver there,” said coach Messick.

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