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Authors: Sara Goldman

Are you going to the homecoming concert?

With only around eight thousand tickets available and 25,000 students on campus, there are approximately 17,000 of you that totally missed out. And who could blame some of you? I waited an hour and a half for my ticket, and I am sure many waited longer.

For those of you who are totally bummed that you missed out and have to still pay for it or who wanted the concert at Hughes Stadium, listen up: There is no venue on this campus or in Ft. Collins that can accommodate all 25,000 of our bodies. None. I mean, can you even fathom 25,000 of anything?

My point is that Associated Students of CSU President Taylor Smoot and Vice President Quinn Girrens advocated strongly in their platform for a large-scale homecoming concert. When we as the student body elected them, we also elected to have that concert.

Once Smoot and Girrens succeeded in lobbying for the money, the concert then went into the hands of the coordinators at Association of Student Activities and Programming. They had a vision of what this could be, and ASAP made it happen.

Why is the concert at Moby you may ask? When Smoot and Girrens brought their budget before the Student Fee Review Board they asked for a fee increase to help fund this concert. So we are paying a dollar and some change to make this happen.

The $110,000 doesn’t even come close to the astronomical amount of money it would cost to have the concert at Hughes. This is also not the kind of show that requires a stadium; we are not talking U2 here. Concerts are cool and everything, but my tuition goes up enough as it is.

Here is a fun fact for you all as well: In the 1970s, there was an injunction on Hughes Stadium against noise because, apparently, neighbors were getting testy. Does this remind anyone of the Common concert in the spring of 2007?

ASCSU had enough trouble trying to repair the relationship with the Fort Collins community after over 100 noise complaints were filed and they faced the backlash from numerous of disgruntled community members.

Also, now that there is a parking lot in the middle of the west lawn, there would be no possible way for the concert to take place there.

All I am asking is that next time you wait in a ridiculously long line for a concert think about the effort that went into trying to make it happen for you all. We, as ASCSU, understand the frustrations that many students have, but we work hard for you all to make this campus the best in the nation.

If you see Smoot or Girrens in your vicinity, just thank them. Thank them for following through on a campaign promise for once.

Because of their vision, CSU will have an annual homecoming concert for years to come. They have started a new tradition that students are going crazy over and can always look forward to; this in itself is a huge success and one of the reasons why we as students overwhelmingly voted for them.

So go to the concert if you have a ticket and if you don’t, be proud that 0.21 percent of your student fees are going toward something that brings a sense of community and homecoming to CSU and Ft. Collins community.

Sara Goldman is a junior technical journalism major. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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