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Sep 212008
Authors: Ram Talk

Dear CSU,

It’s nice to know that after four years of classes, papers, all nighters and tests, the best my career fair can offer me is a floor manager position at Abercrombie? I know where I’ll want to go to grad school – not here.

To the girls with the green and white sheets in the PHIL class: if only PHIL 142 were as easy as you.

Obviously the caped Viking Spiderman hasn’t seen “The Incredibles” or he would have known better than to wear a cape.

If I really needed a copy of the New Testament I would have stolen one from a hotel by now.

Does sleeping with a 28-year-old vacuum salesman make me a bad person? Should I change my major?

You know that look women get when they want sex?…Me neither.

To the person that stole my cooler at the game this weekend: go to Boulder where you belong.

To the kid who made fun of my Disney Princess notebook: Put your hat on straight and take off that ridiculous sticker. You’re not a gangster, you’re from Colorado for Christ’s sake … Wear a belt.

To my RA last year who poured out a whole bottle of precious alcohol. You think that we can be friends when I see you at a party this year? Well we can’t. I am still bitter.

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