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Sep 212008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Your cell phone should not stress you out.

Instead, it should be used as a tool to make your life easier, as it was originally intended.

Recently, BBC Radio reported on a study commissioned by the U.K. Post Office that found one out of every two people in the U.K. experience anxiety when they are away from their cell phone, it’s out of battery or otherwise not in a functioning state.

It’s not a stretch to apply those findings to the U.S. population.

Since their advent, cell phones have become an increasingly important part of everyday life for the average person; maybe even more so for our generation. Just take a look at how many cell phones you see being used while you walk through campus.

The culture we live in that mandates our cell phones being turned on 24/7, Internet-connected, instantly accessible and always available is a scary reality. The world cannot operate as it does now outside of this reality, but we, as individuals, can choose when we want to be a part of it.

While being constantly linked to friends, family and work is appealing and arguably beneficial, this communication tool should not cause us stress. It’s a good thing to detach from that technology every now and again.

Humans were not designed to be completely, constantly social creatures. We need our alone time, too.

So, do yourself a favor: take a break, turn your phone off for an hour and go frolic in the park to relieve some stress.

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