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Authors: Kate Bennis

Astrology, herbal healing and life coaches were among the services offered to those in attendance at the Budweiser Events Center for the Metaphysical Holistic Health Fair Saturday and Sunday.

The fair focused on companies and individuals who specialize in personal well-being. Huette Thompson of Awesome Universe was pleased with the turnout of this year’s fair.

“It’s a great place to really interact directly with people,” she said.

Thompson was pleased with the turnout of this year’s fair, though she’s still trying to get acquainted with the new location, she said.

The fair had previously been held at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, but moved to accommodate residents from other communities.

Brenda Lyday and her daughter, Kayla, were especially pleased with the new location. She and Kayla had driven from Cheyenne, Wyoming for the fair.

“It makes it a lot easier to travel out here,” Brenda Lyday said. “This time, all we had to do was hop on I-25.”

Several booths featured healers, psychics and palm readers who practiced their services for others at the event. The waiting list on palm reader Myrna Lou’s table had already been filled up by two o’clock that day.

Myrna Lou, a speaker and award-winning author, held clients’ hands as she spoke to them, and recorded their readings on tape. She has had a booth at the fair for ten years.

“I remember everyone’s hands even ten years after I read them,” Lou said.

Over her career, Lou has read 42,930 palms. The new location brought about more new faces, or in Lou’s case, hands.

“I like to read new hands, it’s much more interesting to me than reading the same hands every year,” she said.

Companies such as Nikken have developed products that help others feel better physically, such as water purification and sleep energy systems. Pillows and insoles contain special patented magnets to reduce tension and stress.

Walking on magnets helps one gain the energy he or she is missing by not walking directly on the earth, Carolyn Wade of Nikken explained.

Guests were encouraged to test out an energy treatment for free. Holding a magnetic device to her chest, a participant leaned against the back of a chair with her eyes closed, in a relaxed state.

Wade explained that the idea behind the fair was to promote wellness and changing one’s life in order to feel healthier and happier.

“I think that we should focus on wellness rather than healing when we’re sick,” she said. “In the end, everyone will feel better.”

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