Sep 182008
Authors: Adam Bohlmeyer

NS: The Rams are taking on Houston this week. Houston just played Air Force; their game was moved to Dallas because of Hurricane Ike down in Texas, but nonetheless the game went on. Air Force didn’t complete a pass and won. How that works I don’t know.

LM: Only Air Force could do that.

RH: Yeah when you can run the triple option as well as they did you don’t have to pass it anyway. They didn’t really have to pass it against us anyway because we couldn’t stop the run.

LM: Let’s be honest; Houston is not a top tier kind of a team. Yeah, the Rams lost to them last year, but they lost to everyone the past couple of years. This year, this team is poised to at least make some noise and not have the embarrassing comeback loss that they had last year.

NS: The thing about Houston is that they play the spread offense, which is really potent. They are averaging about 500 yards of offense per game. It’s high-powered, and it’s fast, and so far opponents have not been having trouble, but Air Force only won 31-28. Houston is putting up a lot of good numbers, they have a good quarterback, but they also have a new coaching staff . I don’t know what’s good for the Rams there, that Air Force beat Houston or that Houston can’t stop the run.

CG: I think it could be a bit of a challenge.

LM: That’s a nice way to put it.

RH: Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

We said going into the season one of our only strengths was the running game, the two-headed monster with Gartrell and Kyle Bell.

NS: If they decide to run Kyle Bell.

RH: And that’s if our offensive line decides if they want to block this week. Against CU they showed they could block and Gartrell and Kyle made some good plays.

Then against Sacramento State the offensive line just disappeared. There were no holes for any of the running backs to get through. If our offensive line shows up and we can keep Houston’s offense off of the field, it will be a huge advantage for us.

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