Sep 182008
Authors: Trevor Simonton

At about 1:30 a.m. Aug. 3, CSU football cornerback DeAngelo Wilkinson lay unconscious on his back in a pool of his own blood outside Suite 152, a club near the intersection of College Avenue and Mountain Street, according to a Fort Collins Police Services report. The 20-year-old economics sophomore was drunk and bleeding from the nose as a group of CSU football players crowded in his defense, according to the police report that was released to the Collegian Thursday.

FCPS police officer Matthew Johnson was already on the scene trying to gain control of the situation as accusations and attacks were shot back and forth among the growing crowd.

A young female, whose identity was excluded from the report, called to Johnson from the crowd, saying there was something important to know about the man lying on the ground, the report stated.

Multiple witnesses would later confirm that Wilkinson punched the girl in the face and body multiple times, after allegedly grabbing her crotch. The violent attack on the girl spurred a vicious brawl in the basement of the club after another man tackled Wilkinson to the ground.

Bouncers in the club forced out Wilkinson and Ronald Darby, a man who was punched in the face by Wilkinson in the basement after Wilkinson assaulted the girl.

Wilkinson approached Darby outside the club, shoving his middle finger into his face. Darby then punched Wilkinson in the face, breaking his nose and knocking him out.

Darby and Wilkinson were both issued court summons for third-degree assault. Wilkinson has not been charged with unlawful sexual contact because the girl was initially unable to identify Wilkinson as the man who grabbed her crotch.

Wilkinson said he didn’t remember anything outlined in the report.

Also at the scene was Rams’ wide receiver Ryan Gardner, linebacker Rick Brewer and former CSU football player Darrell Ballard, who initially identified himself as “coach Brown,” but later admitted that he is not a CSU coach.

Brewer was charged with an MIP, but Gardner was cooperative and lawful, police said, and was not charged with anything. Zak Gilbert, a spokesman for the university athletic department, was unable to confirm Ballard’s affiliation with the university and said that Wilkinson has been suspended indefinitely.

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