Ram Talk

Sep 172008

-My logic and critical thinking teacher doesn’t have common sense.

-In regards to “Lupe concert creates a Fiasco”: They would love to have the concert at Hughes Stadium, but based on the poor student attendance at last week’s football home-opener, they weren’t sure if students knew how to get there.

-I used to walk in the bike lane whenever it was more convenient. Now that I know it makes so many people mad I do it everywhere. Always.

-To the uber hot guy in my PHIL class, do you like green?… ’cause that’s the color of my sheets

-No better way or place to wreck on a skateboard than hauling through the busy Transit Center and unsuccessfully ducking the red and white swinging gates. Sir, you may have failed as a skateboarder, but you are a first class entertainer.

-For two years my horoscope has been telling me that “love is on the rise.” If that’s true, then why haven’t I had a date in that long?

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