Sep 172008
Authors: Matt L. Stephens

The secret is out – redshirt freshman T.J. Borcky has moved from the quarterback position to wide receiver.

For weeks now, Borcky has been taking fewer snaps at the quarterback position and gradually running more receiving routes, but it wasn’t until Tuesday that head coach Steve Fairchild officially announced that his 6-foot-4 signal caller had changed positions.

“T.J. has been a great sport about all of this and really just wants to be able to help the team,” Fairchild said.

When he was recruited out of Lake Highland Prep School in Orlando, Fla., by former coach Sonny Lubick, Borcky was one of the most highly touted quarterback prospects the Rams had signed in years, competing with offers from Army, Florida Atlantic, Florida International and Cincinnati. He also received Best Player accolades from camps at Alabama and Georgia Tech, but for the remainder of this season, that won’t come into factor when determining his playing time.

While he hasn’t played receiver since his freshman year of high school, Borcky has made a smooth transition to his new position, already establishing himself as the most consistent wide in the corps with the fewest amount of dropped passes – something the rest of the CSU wide receivers have had trouble with in practice.

“We’re learning the same stuff when we go to meetings as the quarterbacks, so it’s pretty much the same just from the other side — catching the ball instead of throwing it,” said CSU’s newest receiver Borcky.

Fairchild said that while he wants to leave Borcky as a wide receiver this season, he will still be in the running for the starting quarterback role in the spring. Borcky said playing receiver this season will help in his preparation to lead the team in 2009.

“I definitely think it will help because I’ll be able to run the routes and see the defense in the holes. . All the routes in one-on-ones and seven-on-sevens allows me to learn more.”

Expect to see Borcky take the field on Saturday against Houston for the first time in his career, lining up both in the slot and out wide.

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