Sep 172008

There are some events on campus that —- let’s face it — merit the apathetic response they receive. Today’s Prisoner of War/Missing in Action ceremony is not one of them.

The ceremony, presented annually by the Arnold Air Society of Air Force ROTC, begins with a 21-gun salute at 3:40 p.m. on the Oval and culminates 24 hours later outside the Lory Student Center.

This year, retired General Wayne Schultz, commander of the Buckley Air National Guard Base, will speak of former MIA of the Vietnam War.

POW and MIA are those that have dedicated themselves to protecting our freedom, and they deserve at the very least our attendance at an event honoring them.

The very fact that Schultz has agreed to speak is significant — reminiscing on the harsh realities of war and remembering POW and MIA past is so traumatic that many refuse to do it.

The organizers of the event are students that take time out of their day every day to participate in ROTC, and today they will literally give 24 hours to camp in a bamboo cage without sleep to represent the trials that POW and MIA undergo.

Our troops support us constantly, whether it’s overseas or at home, and the ROTC ceremony is especially relevant in today’s America, with our soldiers still stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Every student can afford to spend at least a few minutes today thanking those that do their jobs without expecting that thanks.

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