Sep 162008

In this world there are, and always will be, haves and have-nots.

In the case of the upcoming Homecoming Kickoff concert, ASCSU and ASAP have, unfortunately, have made two-thirds of the student body have-nots.

Eight thousand tickets were available for the concert at the beginning of this week. Problem is, there are nearly 25,000 students at this university.

So those of you that aren’t fond of getting up at 8 a.m. or of missing two classes to stand in a 474-foot line for tickets are just out of luck. You’re still paying.

And even if you were willing to lose sleep or miss classes, you still may not have scored tickets to the concert. And you’re still paying.

The question is, if ASCSU and ASAP were going to put on a concert for the student body, why not include the entire student body? Especially since we all – not just one-third of us – paid about a $1.56 increase in student fees.

Although Moby Arena can only hold 8,100 people at its maximum capacity, there were other contained venues, like Hughes Stadium, to choose from.

Increasing the number of tickets or holding the concert at Hughes would have opened it up for more people to attend, creating maximum campus unity and making all Lupe and Three 6 Mafia fans happy — not just a portion of them.

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