Sep 152008
Authors: J. David McSwane

The man arrested on suspicion of shooting a man north of campus early Sunday morning might have fired the pistol accidentally, police say, and provided a first-aid kit to the victim before calling 911.

Cody Bettcher, 25, has been charged with second-degree assault and menacing, a class three and class six felony respectively, for allegedly shooting Denver man Derek Patterson, 24, outside a house party near the intersection of Grant and Myrtle Streets.

Bettcher, a certified paramedic, is suspected of shooting Patterson with his .45-caliber pistol during an altercation in which Patterson allegedly harassed Bettcher’s sister, 19-year-old Shawna Bettcher, said Rita Davis, spokesperson for Fort Collins Police Services.

No charges have been filed against Patterson, who was shot in the shoulder and has been discharged from the hospital.

Davis said it appears the pistol fired accidentally as Bettcher tried to intimidate and strike Patterson with the butt of the gun.

But Patterson said Bettcher intentionally fired the gun twice from a distance.

“It’s pretty hard to shoot at someone twice and have that be an accident,” said Patterson, who is recovering in Parker. “He shot me from like five feet away . I remember looking at the barrel, and then he shot me. It was no accident.”

Davis said FCPS is still investigating and hasn’t released its report, but said, “There have been reports that there might have been two shots.”

The shooting and the subsequent arrival of Fort Collins and CSU police startled dozens of CSU students at different parties in the nearby residential area Sunday.

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