Sep 152008

To Subway customers: It doesn’t take that long to just say what kind of bread you want, and what you want on it, and if you want cheese, and if you want it toasted and if you want condiments, and if you want a drink …

The reason men’s voting rights should be revoked: “I’m voting for McCain because then we would finally have a hot first lady and VP!”

To my lovely roommates, next time you charge into my room in just your underwear, when I have a girl over, you better be holding some bills … I don’t do charity showings!

To the guy that heard me fall on Ingersoll’s tile floor on Friday, turned around to see me on the floor, then turned around again and walked off in the opposite direction: Thanks. I’m fine, by the way.

Umm … this whole campus is a caucasian male student service. Look around.

McSwane: Like the pic. Like the insights, mutual fear of commitment … Wanna go out?.

Could we be the first school to implement beer pong as a varsity sport?

News flash for the girl in my lit class: I know this may be hard to believe, but we did not pay hundreds of dollars just to hear your opinion! If you don’t stop talking we’ll never get through anything, so PUT YOUR HAND DOWN and please be quiet!

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