Sep 152008

So you’ve all heard it by now. The chosen ones, Lupe Fiasco and Three 6 Mafia, are to perform at October’s Homecoming Kickoff concert and be paid $70,000 of our student fees.

Now surely — with all students paying an increase in student fees to accommodate this event — whoever decided to book the entertainers had to have thought this over carefully, right? Exactly how many students were consulted for such a scrupulous decision?

It had to have been a broad representation of our student population.

But instead there were only 20 students on the selection committee, a branch of Association of Student Activities and Programming. And on that committee, only six students were students at large.

Of the 14 remaining members, nine were current or past ASAP members and five were ASCSU members. Helping the committee decision were approximately 30 student e-mails sent to the ASAP advisor.

ASCSU and ASAP planners told the Collegian that time constraints inhibited the offices from sending bulk e-mail surveys to students. They also said that the committee was diverse enough in representation to decide on behalf of the university.

But really, folks. You could have generated and distributed something — anything — to sample the input of broad student segments.

If you are planning an $110,000 event that affects the pocketbooks of every CSU student, you are expected, at the very least, to get into the heads of students who are not members of your organization. It’s a standard courtesy.

To give the students what they want you’ve got to know — absolutely see and know — what they want.

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