Sep 112008
Authors: Johnny Hart

CSU cancer researchers met with medical professionals from across the Front Range Tuesday to foster a closer relationship with doctors and resident money donors to inject scientific research findings into the medical marketplace. The Translational Research in Oncology seminar focused on the discovery and application of new cancer diagnoses, medicine and treatments, and featured speakers in the oncology field.

“It’s taking something from the bench-top to the bedside,” said Regina Brown, an oncologist at the Cancer Center of the Rockies.

Brown said there are talented researchers at CSU and that the seminar is a way to bring that research to the community.

“My job, quite frankly, right now is fostering collaborations and fostering relationships and facilitating everybody’s success,” said Stephen Withrow, a CSU veterinary professor. Withrow presented the goals of CSU’s cancer research Supercluster, which was started in 2007 to bring research patents to CSU.

Maybe more importantly though, according to Hank Gardner, associate vice president for Research, was networking between university researchers, private sector partners and clinicians in the area.

“A lot of our research involves clinical practice and clinical opportunities,” Gardner said. “It provides an opportunity for private sector folks to talk to medical physicians and then talk to our scientists . about the science they’re doing.”

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