Sep 102008

We all remember exactly where we were on this morning seven years ago when the first plane struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

While for a few minutes we could believe that the first crash was simply a flight route gone terribly askew, no fear has since gripped us like the realization that this was no accident did.

And in the last seven years, the focus and the stresses have changed. In addition to our now being college students with multiple jobs, classes and social lives to attend to, we’re also faced with decisions that plague us daily and are largely the result of that fate-fulfilling Tuesday morning.

Our generation will elect the president who will be charged with deciding the status of the Iraq War, with saving or further burdening our hurting economy and with determining the outcome of so many other issues at hand.

We have dealt with, and will continue to deal with, fluctuating gas prices, stresses over educational funding and large amounts of frustration no matter your liberal or conservative bias for our troops overseas.

Sept. 11 is unarguably the event that marks our generation. But in the face of the challenges that are still ahead of us, it’s crucial that we remember that regardless of political affiliation, religious beliefs or family background, we are all Americans and we will all forever be affected by that morning.

Its impact on our collective American family — extended and beautifully diverse as it is — is what we should take time to remember today.

Forget the rest.

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