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Authors: Kelli Pryor

The CSU Police Department’s 2007 on-campus crime statistics report shows a relatively low number of crimes committed toward individual people, but property crimes are generally on the rise.

According to the CSU Safety Update handbook, there were no reported homicides on campus last year and one reported hate crime.

There were three reported instances of sexual assault in both 2006 and 2007. However, there was a slight rise of on-campus thefts between those years.

Motor vehicle theft was up from two reported cases in 2006 to seven reported cases in 2007, and robbery was up from zero reported cases in ’06 to two reported cases in 2007.

Bike theft has been the biggest problem on campus for a steady four years.

Numbers have been hovering between 150-170 reports of bike theft for the past four years, said Joan Williams, records manager for CSUPD.

“It usually depends mostly on if there is a [theft] group working the campus,” Williams said.

The City of Fort Collins crime statistics also showed property related crimes as having the highest occurrence rate.

With an estimated population of 130,000, the Fort Collins Police Services Web site reported 70 sexual assault cases and only one homicide in 2007. In contrast, the FCPS reported 3,495 thefts in 2007.

Even so, the CSUPD is confident in their measures to keep students safe.

“I have met with a number of students and student leaders who feel comfortable with the initiatives that the CSU Department of Public Safety has put in place. These conversations indicate that, in general, students and employees feel safe,” said Dexter Yarbrough, chief of CSUPD, in an e-mail message to the Collegian.

Though crime rates are relatively low, students should still be aware of their surroundings.

“I do feel safe on campus, but it’s always in the back of my mind that something could happen,” said Megan Trabert, senior sports medicine major.

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