Yays and Nays

Sep 072008
Authors: Collegian Staff

Yay to the football team for delivering a win this weekend. We can only hope this will be a pattern this year.

Yay to New Belgium’s Tour de Fat. If there is something more fun than drinking, dressing up like a crazy person and biking around Fort Collins, we haven’t found it yet.

Nay to the football game and Tour de Fat happening at the same time. Forcing students to choose between our Rams and activities that could lead to a BUI is nothing short of evil.

Yay to CSU and Fort Collins for dedicating new baseball fields to our club baseball team. If only they hadn’t taken the fields away from them in the first place .

Yay to the Well’s Fargo ski pass deal. Without it, there would be a severe shortage of journalists in the mountains this season — and we can’t have that.

Nay to weather changes. The leaves are changing, it’s rainy and all we want to do is play Frisbee golf. Thanks a lot mother nature.

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