Sep 072008
Authors: Scott Callahan

The Democratic National Convention in Denver and last week’s Republican National Convention in Minneapolis have dominated the news over the past two weeks.

Given the visibility and excitement surrounding the upcoming presidential election, the Collegian set out to find out what students think about the upcoming election.

Luke Rusch, a restaurant and resort management major, thinks Barack Obama is the right man to lead the U.S.

Bryan Lacy, a junior construction management major, thinks John McCain might be a better choice.

Both, however, were kind enough to chat with us and give us some insight into what students are thinking.

Q: How do you identify yourself politically?

LR: I’m registered independent, but I’m more Democratic.

BL: Moderate; a little more Republican than anything, though.

Q: Will you be voting in the November election?

LR: Yes.

BL: Yup.

Q: Who will you be voting for?

LR: Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

BL: I’m not sure yet. Right now I’m leaning toward McCain.

Q: Why do you feel your candidate is the best?

LR: Just the moral issues are some of the things I agree with Barack Obama’s viewpoint.

BL: [Mccain’s] a little more experienced — he’s been around a while. He’s better prepared for the job.

Q: What issues do you think are most important this election season?

LR: I believe that the economic issues that face Americans (i.e. gas prices and oil and the movement to a more efficient energy [source]). I think Barack’s 10 year plan for . energy is the right thing to do and not offshore drilling — which will take 10 years just to discover oil — as McCain has planned.

BL: The war in Iraq — getting our troops out and figuring out what we’re gonna do with it while we’re still there.

Q: Do your religious beliefs influence the way you vote?

LR: Not necessarily. I know McCain is in the middle on his religious beliefs and Barack [Obama] says he has more strong Christian beliefs, but that hasn’t influenced my decision on who to vote for.

BL: I don’t really think so. I do like Obama as well — we’ll see how it goes.

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