Sep 042008

OK CSU, this weekend is your chance to get wild.

No, not sloppy drunk wild like every other weekend; wildly creative with your exterior appearance and general attitude.

Saturday, New Belgium will be hosting its 9th annual Tour de Fat bicycle parade here in the breweryís hometown.

Starting at 10 a.m., people in silly costumes will ride out from The Mothership, located at 500 Linden St., through Old Town, make a loop around the city and return to the bike-friendly brewery to enjoy some tasty alcoholic beverages.

New Belgium describes the annual event as a /celebration of bikes/ on their Web site and we feel thatís selling it a bit short. Not only is it a celebration of bikes, Tour de Fat is a celebration of life.

What could be better than joining hundreds of your closest friends on two wheels in ridiculous outfits for a leisurely cruise around Americaís Choice City all the while knowing at your destination lies beer, sweet beer?

And, just in case you start to feel guilty for having so much fun and enjoying the privileges of being alive in America today, donít worry ññ all proceeds from the funtivities will be going to benefit local non-profit organizations.

The particular beneficiaries this year are Bike Fort Collins and Diamond Peaks Mountain Bike Patrol. One aims to make Fort Collins as bike friendly as possible, and the other exists to preserve Northern Coloradoís biking environment, respectively.

So come out this Saturday and have a wild time ññ otherwise youíll just feel weird as a stream of hundreds of oddly dressed bikers stalls you at an intersection for the better part of a half hour.

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