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Authors: Adam Bohlmeyer

Three days after losing to their arch rivals, the CSU football team’s minds are completely focused on getting their first win of the season.

The Rams took to the field for their first practice of the week Tuesday afternoon in preparation for their home opener against Sacramento State Saturday.

CSU linebacker Jeff Horinek said it hasn’t been hard to get his mind zeroed in on the upcoming game.

“It’s actually really easy,” the senior said. “After a game like we just had, you don’t want to have it again. Practice is where you win a game so it’s easy to get back and work hard.”

Offensive coordinator Greg Peterson could tell his team was going to be ready for another matchup the minute they stepped off the field of their last contest.

“You could tell in the locker room and see it from the intensity in these kids’ eyes,” he said. “They wanted to keep playing.”

Quarterback Billy Farris said it will be much easier to prepare for this week. Farris made his first collegiate start in last Sunday’s loss to the CU-Boulder.

“Just having experience and knowing you can do it gives you a lot of confidence,” the Louisiana native said. “I’m in a different state of mind mentally. I’m a lot less worried this week than I was last week.”

Horinek is not completely forgetting about the CU game, but said the team learned a lot from their defeat.

“We set a good foundation on a lot of things, and there are still a lot of things we need to improve on, but we know that now,” he said. “We just need to build on what we have.”

Horinek added that the team’s confidence is still running high and that one loss will not define the Rams’ season.

“If we want to sulk we will go on another 13 game losing streak,” he said. “You can still win conference and go to a bowl game without beating CU.”

Injury Update

Strong side linebacker Mychal Sisson was out of Tuesday’s practice with a left ankle injury. The freshman roamed the sidelines of the afternoon workout wearing shorts and an ankle boot.

Sisson is listed as day-to-day and is questionable for Saturday’s home opener against Sacramento State.

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