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With the recent striking of Hurricane Gustav, it would be easy to say that panic and fear may have filled the minds of New Orleans residents. But with increased efforts from the government to prevent deaths and damages, some Americans may have felt more at ease.

In comparison with Hurricane Katrina, the government did a much better job handling the threat of a natural disaster.

Residents were forced to evacuate and were suited with wristbands used for tracking misplaced persons.

The levees were watched more closely to determine breaking points, though they were still not built up as strong as they could have or should have been.

One last mentionable improvement in the handling of hurricanes was better working water pumps.

Although there was not extensive damage that ensued from Hurricane Gustav, the government was prepared with better working water pumps to empty the streets of any flooding.

While the less disastrous events that surrounded Gustav could be just luck – because the most violent part of the storm did not hit New Orleans – there is no doubt that the government did a better job in handling the situation.

And for this, we pat you on the back, Big Brother.

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