Aug 272008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Those who live on the streets are people too and they deserve to be treated as such.

Denver’s homeless that frequent downtown seem to be getting shoved aside as the Democratic National Convention barrels through this week.

Nearly a month ago, there were rumors of groups like the Denver Coalition for the Homeless planning to distribute free movie tickets and zoo passes to Denver’s vagrants during the convention.

This not only seemed disrespectful to many Denver residents and even Fox TV anchors, but gave the idea that Denver was trying to hide its homeless from the bevy of political types and media outlets that would be visiting the city.

Now that the Democratic storm is upon downtown Denver, many of the homeless are being barred from their normal stomping grounds – kicked out by convention security.

According to the Rocky Mountain News, motels that regularly give out vouchers to homeless women seeking emergency shelter are revoking those offers – effectively displacing the women.

While the DNC is a big event that was expected to cause quite a stir, Denver’s homeless should have been a bigger part of the convention planning.

Instead of having them run and hide when Obama comes to town, why didn’t Denver seek to accommodate its vagrants?

Denver should’ve planned to pitch some of that extra cash it is expecting from delegate spending towards making their lives comfortable this week.

Show these people some respect, its their city too.

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