Aug 272008
Authors: Glen Pfeiffer, Ryan Gibbons

We know that inside each of you readers of news, there is an inner nerd.

We know that the amount of time this nerd spends on the surface of your consciousness varies between individuals, but it is there, nonetheless.

It wants to know cool things; things like the fact that last week, Intel lit a light bulb from three feet away without wires, Apple will be coming out with a new iPod Nano soon and that CSU now provides more than 50 television channels for streaming on your computer.

Our job is going to be feeding this inner nerd of yours in a weekly column — your one stop update on technology that relates to your life.

We begin the journey with letting you know about some of the services provided by CSU’s Computer Training and Support Services department.

One of the first things new CSU students worry about upon moving to campus is setting up their Internet connection and, for some, the hassles with tech support that go along with it.

Afterward, however, many students don’t take a second glance at the services offered by CTSS.

Whether you’re just stopping by to say, “Hi” or there’s smoke billowing from your laptop, CTSS is there to help.

The CTSS help desk, located in room 224 of the Weber building, is, at first glance, cluttered with half-built computers.

The room itself is nothing more than a computer lab.

Upon closer inspection, one will find an accommodating staff dedicated to making the CSU computing experience a good one for everyone on campus.

Located in the waiting area is a homey couch, perfect for students toting incapacitated hardware.

In the case that you have a hardware-related issue with your computer, you can find fair pricing — $75 an hour — on installation of new parts.

If the computer is no longer under warranty, the cost of the part would be in addition to this service charge.

For Apple certified repairs, Mac users may visit CTSS. However, in some instances they will be referred to Apple tech support.

Although CTSS charges for some services, the support provided by CTSS is free for phone calls, questions and basic software installation.

Another free service offered to students is free printing of up to 45 black and white pages a day.

But that’s not all you can print. Full color poster sized prints cost $5.10 per linear foot, roughly a quarter of the price at other major printing companies. That’s just shy of $11 for a two-foot by three-foot full color print.

It’s also a known fact that college students love their Photoshop.

The computer lab at the help center provides for free use of Photoshop on its computers, along with other Adobe programs such as Illustrator, InDesign and DreamWeaver, plus the full Microsoft Office Suite.

The help center is also able to remove any virus or spyware that has infected a computer, at the same $75 fee as hardware repairs.

We all know that the best way to stay disease free is to use protection, and CSU offers some of the best. Symantec antivirus software is available to students for free and the help desk will even assist you in the install.

In the event that a user is suffering from a system meltdown, the help center can do a complete rebuild of the computer.

This includes the re-installation of your operating system, important software updates and for a little extra they can, in most cases, insure the recovery of all data.

Another necessity for college students is setting up new computers — which the help center can also do for students who don’t want to worry about setting up their own virus protection and network software.

This $45 flat fee service gets your new laptop or desktop out of the box and in peak condition to fight off all types of malware, ensuring a worry free computing experience.

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