Aug 242008
Authors: Nikki Cristello

Remember how big and intimidating campus was as a freshman? It’s written all over the faces of new students, in case that is a repressed memory.

Perceptions of campus change with time and experiences, so this week, a senior faces off with a freshman about campus and CSU college life.

Ashley Degroot, 18, is a freshman human development and family studies major who wants to be an elementary school teacher. She seems to have a pretty good grasp about what CSU stands for.

Nathan Diorio, a 21-year-old senior business administration major, has a common CSU student’s outlook, but still manages to ram the buffs.

So which of these two CSU rams will outshine the other? Maybe neither.

Q: Why did you choose CSU?

AD: Because of the location. When I came to campus I really felt comfortable here.

ND: I don’t know. It’s a state school, and it’s better than Boulder.

Q: Are you happy with your decision?

AD: Yeah.

ND: Yes. I like it here.

Q: What do you think of CSU’s green initiatives?

AD: I think it’s great taking the initiative to go green. It’s really easy here to participate, too.

ND: I don’t even know anything about it.

What research at CSU interests you or do you think it most beneficial?

AD: I don’t really know much of the research

going on, and I’m not really interested in it.

ND: I think someone is researching an alternative fuel. Gas prices suck.

What do you like most about CSU?

AD: The environment and the people.

ND: It is a good college town. There is a lot to do. And the education, too; that is what I am here for.

So both knew something the other didn’t. Which goes to show that four years doesn’t make you an expert on CSU.

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