Players named to MWC team

Aug 052008
Authors: Justin Warren

Five former CSU volleyball players and current all-conference player Mekana Barnes have been named to the Mountain West Conference 10th Anniversary Volleyball Team.

“When something like this happens, it is an honor,” Head Volleyball Coach Tom Hilbert said.

The five graduates named to the team are:

Melissa Courtney (2001-2004)

Courtney Cox (1999-2001)

Angela Knopf (1999-2001)

Tess Rogers (2002-2005) and

Katie Jo Shirley-Cahoon (2001-2004)

“To have these six girls on the court at the same time would be a very good team,” Hilbert said. “Courtney Cox was one of the best outside hitters, and Katie Jo and Tess Rogers were outstanding players with a lot of talent,”

“I was able to work with Tess Rogers my first year here at CSU and she was a great player and a fantastic athlete,” said Jesse Mahoney, an assistant coach.

Of the 16 players from around the MWC who were named to the team, Barnes is the only current active player to have been honored.

Last season Barnes was awarded her second All-Conference honors, and now Barnes is excited and honored to be apart of the team.

“It is definitely an honor and I am still a little overwhelmed when I think about it,” Barnes said. “I watched Katie Jo, Shirley and Melissa Courtney play my freshman year on the team. Tess had raw talent and Melissa Courtney was a player that you never doubted, and she could change the outcome of a game. I am excited to be recognized with both of them,” Barnes said.

Barnes said by watching both Rogers and Courtney play, she was able to advance her play. She is first in the categories of blocks and points and second in attacks and kills last season.

“[Barnes] is an incredible player with a great personality,” Hilbert said. “We have been able to maintain a successful formula and the team has had great support which makes it easier for recruiting good players.”

CSU will host the regional games of the NCAA Tournament.

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