Jul 292008
Authors: Aaron Hedge

A student who was struck by lightning Thursday is still in critical condition at the Poudre Valley Hospital.

Just three days after two CSU employees on bicycles were hit by a motorist, lightning struck two CSU graduate students on campus, killing one of them and putting the other in intensive care at Poudre Valley Hospital.

William John Szlemko and Marc Vernon Richard were struck at approximately 7:30 p.m. in a forested area of campus known as Sherwood Forest during a thunderstorm, according to a press release from the university.

Szlemko, a 35-year-old psychology graduate student, was pronounced dead at the scene after CSU police tried to revive him and Richard. Richard is in intensive care at Poudre Valley Hospital.

The Larimer County Coroner’s office performed an autopsy on Szlemko at 10:30 a.m. Friday. The coroner’s office did not answer an after-hours call from the Collegian.

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