Jul 292008
Authors: Aaron Montoya

The investigation into the death of Matt Quitmeyer has changed course from a suspected homicide to a possible suicide.

At 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, CSU Chief of Police Dexter Yarbrough announced at a press conference that information about Quitmeyer’s medical history and a search of his apartment is leading detectives to believe the fatal injury was a “possible self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

Police found Quitmeyer’s body with a gunshot wound to the upper-left chest in the parking lot of Summit Hall dormitory on the CSU campus at 11:08 p.m. Friday near the apartment complex where he lived.

“[We are] looking into other facets of his life,” Yarbrough said. Investigators found that Quitmeyer suffered from chronic headaches and on Friday “he was suffering from possibly the most severe headache he had ever experienced,” Yarbrough said.

According to Yarbrough, a .22 caliber rifle that Quitmeyer legally purchased in October of last year was used in the shooting. It was found approximately 100 feet from the body on Saturday afternoon, the day following the initial crime scene findings.

Police believe that the wound Quitmeyer suffered may not have killed him instantly, giving him time to walk a short distance before expiring.

Yarbrough noted several times throughout the press conference held in front of Green Hall, CSUPD’s headquarters, that the investigation is still ongoing.

“We cannot release many of the details at this point,” he said.

The gathering was a small one dominated by press members, but a few friends of Quitmeyer were there to hear the update. They left in tears after hearing the new information.

The Vice President of Student Affairs office provides information and counseling for families and concerned callers at (970) 491-1000.

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