Student Media goes private

Jul 152008
Authors: Aaron Hedge

At the first meeting of the newly approved Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation, the board of the non-profit organization discussed an operating agreement with CSU, decided that the current administrative staff at Student Media would keep their jobs with the corporation and discussed proposed bylaws.

Advisers currently employed by Student Media will remain employed after August 1, when the corporation will officially form, said Larry Steward, the man charged with overseeing the formation of the new company.

Steward said that while the pending changes are exciting, the nine-member Board of Directors has a responsibility to be cautious with operating procedure, considering the controversial circumstances that brought about the changes to Student Media.

The Collegian printed an editorial last fall semester that said “Taser this . F*** BUSH” that brought an immediate media firestorm which eventually led to a call for separation from CSU.

“As we look back at the events [surrounding the changes], the headline that ran in the Collegian played a role,” Steward said.

The Student Media organization, which also includes radio station KCSU, TV station CTV and quarterly magazine College Avenue, currently has operating funds funneled through the university’s financial system and is ultimately overseen by the CSU System Board of Governors, which ties the entity to the university.

Under the new model, the student-run program will operate as a non-profit corporation and, Steward said, will stay exclusively run by students.

The corporation has committed to employing at least 225 students, Steward told the Collegian.

It will emphasize a strong relationship with CSU’s Technical Journalism Department, said department Chair Greg Luft, who is a voting member on the board, during the meeting.

He said it was important to keep a close relationship because the corporation needs to continue providing a practical venue for journalism students to practice their trade before entering the job market.

“The students who work at Student Media have the best chances of getting great jobs,” Luft said.

He also said the department was very supportive of the student media outlets.

“I think that support is clear through the letters that were sent to the Collegian regarding the controversies of the last year,” he said.

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