Jul 152008

Barack Obama wants to be a rock star. And the media can’t stand it.

On July 7, the Illinois senator and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee announced his intention to give his acceptance speech at Invesco Field instead of the Pepsi Center, where the rest of the Democratic National Convention’s events are to take place.

Since the announcement, there’s been nary a news outlet that hasn’t let its consumers know what a bind Obama’s plan has put them in.

For months now, the press has been planning event coverage — requesting credentials for reporters, finding when and where cameramen can get the best shots, etc. These plans were made, of course, under the assumption that Obama’s speech would be held in the same venue.

Now, with only 40 days left until the historic speech of the first black presidential nominee with a fighting chance to win, they have to switch up their game plan.

Understandably, they are more than a little upset. And they have a right to be.

Setting up shop in two difficult venues is going to be, well, difficult. And costly. But good journalism isn’t supposed to be convenient.

Rather than wasting their efforts and their viewers’ time complaining on air and in opinion about the difficulties they are going to face in providing coverage, the media needs to show some professionalism and just figure it out.

No matter how hard they huff and puff, the speech at Invesco is going to happen. It’s high time they got to work on it.

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