Jun 242008

At the Collegian we have always claimed to be proponents of environmental activism, although most of us drive our cars to work every day and buy products from large corporate entities like Wal-Mart that are slowly eating our planet away while claiming to be “green.”

In short, we’re like most of America — all talk but no rock when it comes to the environment.

Fortunately, some folks have taken the reins of the problem and started real initiatives to help the planet.

Take Bike Week for example.

This week-long string of events sponsored by the City of Fort Collins is meant to encourage citizens young and old to leave the SUV at home and take the streets on two wheels.

For today’s event, citizens across Fort Collins will be biking to work. For their trouble, free breakfast will be provided at temporary stations all across Fort Collins.

We here at the Collegian would like to encourage every working citizen to hop on the bicycle bandwagon and participate tomorrow.

Not only will it help cut down on car emissions, but it’s great exercise. And, as an added bonus, think about those couple gallons of gas you’re saving.

Given the extra perks of rocking the bike and the downsides of sticking with autos — especially the $4 per gallon pump prices — it’s a wonder more people don’t do it every day. Hopefully after this week, that’ll change.

Have a happy Bike Week, Fort Collins. And try not to get hit by those slow Fort Collins motorists.

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