Jun 242008
Authors: Aaron Montoya

Five new monumental sculptures have recently appeared on campus, some standing 34 feet high.

The bent and twisted steel beams are the works of an artist named Bret Price who works from studios in Ohio and California.

Facilities Management agreed to pay between $15,000 and $20,000 for the delivery and installation of the pieces, said Gary Voss, a sculpture professor and future chair of the Art Department.

Facilities Management officials who know the exact amount did not return a call for comment.

Price delivered his works via truck from Ohio, where he creates his art, and Colorado Springs where his piece titled “XO” was recently on display as part of the city’s “Art on the Streets” exhibition.

Citing “torrential rain,” Price said only two pieces were installed the day he delivered them. The other three installations were postponed in order for the ground to dry and were placed Thursday, June 12.

According to Price, the pieces are on loan to CSU for at least one year.

The effort to bring monumental sculptures to campus is an attempt to revitalize a program called Sculpturescape that previously brought different sculptures to campus every two years.

The bi-ennial juried exhibition began in 1998 and was cut in 2004 due to “dwindling state resources” according to the program’s Web site.

The program previously featured pieces made of wood, steel and other types of metal suitable for outdoor installation.

Although the program is not officially reinstated, Voss hopes Price’s work will spur university administrators to restart the exhibition’s engines.

“Maybe we can bring the program back when the funding is good,” Voss said.

He also said that programs like Sculpturescape are the first to get cut when budgets tighten, and rightfully so. He said maintaining classrooms for students are more important than programs like Sculpturescape.

Price will exhibit some of his new smaller-scale work at the Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art in January.

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