May 112008
Authors: Erik Myers

Student Media is set to become an entity independent of CSU, following a unanimous vote of the Board of Governors Tuesday afternoon.

The decision puts Student Media on track to shift its operations to follow a not-for-profit model, also known as a 501(c)3 model. It also will parlay publishing rights to a new board of directors, effectively replacing Student Media’s current publishing board, the Board of Student Communications.

Student Media consists of The Rocky Mountain Collegian, Campus Television (CTV), KCSU – CSU’s student-run radio station, and College Avenue Magazine.

Amy Parsons, associate legal counsel for CSU, said former Student Media director Larry Steward would become the interim director of the new board, and would begin the lengthy process of launching the corporation as early as Wednesday.

Under Steward’s direction, Student Media is expected to become fully independent by August 1.

“The burden is now really on (Student Media) to do what they need to do to establish themselves as a non-profit,” Parsons said.

Steward said he plans on working and talking with “everyone” at Student Media during the transition process, which includes developing a operating agreement with the university, negotiating with state government to establish a 501(c)3 status and iron out a charter and the managerial structure.

Despite the massive change in Student Media’s upper operations, Steward said students shouldn’t expect any massive changes come August.

“For students, this process will seem totally seamless,” Steward said. “That’s what we hope to put into place.”

The decision marks the end of the efforts of the Collegian Advisory Committee, a board of faculty, students and community members. President Larry Penley assembled the board days after he quietly met with executives with the media conglomerate Gannett Corporation who expressed interest in acquiring the Collegian.

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