May 112008
Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

One thing that most college students love is semi-naked people and the Collegian editorial board is no exception. So when we heard a CSU student was bringing a nation-wide, age-old tradition of American college life to campus, needless to say, we were very excited.

Kudos to freshman open option major Josh Heuerman for having the great insight to realize that in past years, CSU has missed out on one of the cornerstones of a college education — people running around in nothing but their underwear and running shoes.

Heuerman says non-sanctioned university events ultimately flop such as the failed attempt to break the world record for largest streaking party. But Friday night greeted him with the first non-sanctioned success as over 400 students dressed only in their skivvies showed up to race around campus.

And it wasn’t just for kicks. The clothes that were cast off by students formed a mountain of warmth for needy families. All the clothing that students didn’t wear (and trust us, there was a lot) will be donated to GoodWill.

And Heuerman organized it all using another favorite of college students — Facebook. The social networking Web site had over 1,000 students confirmed to attend the event. It just goes to show that Facebook can be useful for something other than that hottie in your chemistry class.

Good work Heuerman. Please continue to wow CSU with your wonderful ideas. We’re looking forward to three more years of your social insight.

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