Ram Talk

May 082008
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

You can tell it’s finals time at the library when people spend as much time figuring out how bad they can do on their exam and still pass the class as they do studying.

Boyfriend Bylaw #1: Boyfriend is not allowed to be angry with girlfriend except for reasons validated by said girlfriend.

Why is it that we pay student fees for things like the computers in the library only to have them taken over by people who clearly don’t go to CSU?

Am I the only one jealous of people who get to be done with school for three full months while us unfortunate ones are like “YAY. I’m done. Until Monday.”

The next person on a skateboard that plays “chicken” with me when I am trying to walk to class is going to get a crash course lesson in pedestrian right of way.

If I were an atheist I would sell my soul on eBay

Note to Self: Always perform on her side of the bed so that she can sleep around the puddle.

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