Letter to the editor

May 082008
Authors: Kathleen Wendland

Phil Elder’s column on Wednesday urges “Go protest something.” It’s the one piece of advice I wouldn’t protest in his “ode to frosh.”

“Get stoned” somewhere in the best natural beauty of Colorado: what a great way to blunt the intelligence it’ll take to preserve any of it.

Signing up for organizations without any need to participate (or even to get to know another person) is perfect preparation for the herd mentality that TV programming and political professionals know how to manipulate.

Oh, and be sure your college career includes plenty of booze. That way you won’t have to get excited about ideas.

It might also help you find the courage to ski around those children and elderly (one of which Phil has been and the other of which he’ll hope to be) who have no right to the ski slopes.

While you’re at it, be sure to make fun of Greeley – that smell that provides the hamburgers most college kids take for granted and willingly eat.

Time for a reality check, Phil – many people have learned, to their chagrin, that your “freedoms” are the real shackles. I hope you discover that your knowledge of “how vicious and awful the world really is” has something to do with the people in it who would heed your advice.

Kathleen Wendland

Fort Collins resident

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