Ram Talk

May 072008

To the person who thinks the free prayer couches are free with faith, see thats where they get you, it all comes out of our student fees.

So why is it that the campus is more alive during “dead week” than any other time of the year?

Ha! Studying? That’s for people that WANT to get an A!

Does anyone else agree with me that the Stress Less packs ASAP is handing out should have some Adderall in there?

My composition class smells like bacon and dog food, and I can hear the sounds of pigs screaming during lecture. Sometimes I wish CSU had a bit of organization when it came to the locations of classes.

To all the ladies out there who say they don’t have pre-marital sex, it’s not pre-marital sex if you don’t intend on marrying him. So have a it!

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