Apr 302008
Authors: Andy Dose

In response to negative media interpretation of the Olympic Games in China, CSU’s Chinese Student Association is holding an open discussion forum Thursday on the Lory Student Center plaza to facilitate cultural awareness and to give an alternate perspective on the issues affecting the games.

The forum will facilitate community discussion of issues concerning the Chinese government and the impact of the games on Chinese students.

Jessica Gu, a journalism graduate student and member of Chinese Students and Scholars Association, says that the media has a significant impact on American people, and has not allowed both sides to be represented.

“There has been a lot of discussion [from such sources as] the Collegian and CNN,” Gu said. “The problem is that a lot of the media criticize the Chinese government. The government did have issues to face, but people shouldn’t just judge if a country should host the Olympic Games or not according to [those] issues.”

April 14’s Collegian “Our View” opposed the games in Beijing due to restrictions the Chinese government has placed on journalists’ access, which inspired the student group to hold the forum.

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