Apr 292008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The Associated Students of CSU provided students Monday with free lunch and a chance to meet new football coach Steve Fairchild and his staff.

Not only were the sandwiches tasty, but the conversation was insightful, as coaches were eager to tell students that next year the opposing team’s bench will now be on the student side of Hughes Stadium.

That means we’ll be heckling the right team next season, as oppose to last fall when players and fans exchanged unpleasant thoughts with each other toward the end of embarrassing losses.

Overall, Monday’s lunch was a success, as food was gone before the event was scheduled to end.

Guess it’s no secret the best way to get students to go to anything is by offering them free food or T-shirts.

One-for-two is not bad.

But now that the football team has won over our stomachs, it’s time for the Rams to win back out hearts.

The students at CSU have proven in the past to be supportive of their football team – when it’s winning, at least.

Let’s hope this is the case next fall.

It’s hard to say which came first: the chicken or the egg.

But if you guys show up next year, so will we.

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