Apr 282008
Authors: Chuck Lippstreau Daily Nebraskan

(U-Wire) – Nebraska Democratic Party Associate Chair Audra Ostergard announced last week she will support Sen. Barack Obama, becoming the sixth and last Nebraska superdelegate to pledge support to the Illinois senator.

Many others across the nation are planning to do the same.

Here’s some food for thought for Ostergard and the others:

The stakes have never been higher.

That line reflects the stark, straightforward terms in which Democratic superdelegates had best be imagining themselves these days.

It’s no longer about nuance, about recognizing this group or that former leader through this endorsement or that speech. It’s about winning an election.

The stakes today aren’t nuanced or theoretical. The stakes are real.

The stakes are an unjust conflict in a failed state half a world away, a war which will take the lives of hundreds or thousands more U.S. and coalition forces — and countless civilians — if we allow it to continue.

Who would have thought the superdelegates would be the ones saddled with giving us a way out of that conflict?

They’re the ones with the power. It’s an incredible responsibility; I don’t envy any of the superdelegates.

But by now I don’t have to rehash the consequences of failure at much length.

John “100 Years” McCain has abandoned every principle we ever loved him for. He is no longer a centrist. He isn’t a compromise.

A McCain presidency would be nothing more than another exercise in blind arrogance and a rubber stamp on the failed Bush Doctrine.

Preventing that presidency is more than simple ideological posturing between parties.

A Democrat in the White House is the only way to reverse eight years of horrifying domestic and foreign policy.

The superdelegates must truly reflect on the reality that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will not defeat John McCain.

Barack Obama can. He has the organization and the fundraising capacity to win victory handily. But he needs time.

Every hour that Clinton is able to cajole, fandangle and beg Democratic superdelegates into waiting and seeing, McCain’s campaign picks up unchecked steam, and Obama is forced to spend time and money rolling his eyes at the Clinton campaign and waiting for them to give up and go away.

The McCain campaign knows who the nominee will eventually be.

This very second, they’re sitting on the Straight Talk Express drinking and lining up attack after attack against Obama.

Meanwhile, thousands of old-school Democrats, the people I’m supposed to respect, are starry-eyed and brainwashed by happy memories of the Bill Clinton presidency.

They’re wasting our time agreeing with each other that Obama is clearly too inexperienced to be president, and they’ll be the same ones blaming Obama in three years when their kids and neighbors are still wading through the Iraqi desert.

Folks, it won’t matter whether Obama is inexperienced or incoherent or impotent or anything else. He’s our chance, and if we don’t get rid of Hillary Clinton right now, John McCain will be the next president. This is an absolute.

That’s why every superdelegate needs to start putting the heat on.

They don’t have to worry about creating a rift in the party. It’s already here, brought on by stifling arrogance in the Clinton ranks.

It’s civil war, and only one side stands any chance of victory against McCain in November, if any chance still exists at all.

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