Ram Talk

Apr 272008

I’m just gonna lay the cards on the table. This week let’s just all be 100% forward and dub it national random hookup week…seriously we all need it before finals.

Why does it seem that every school gets out before us?

Does anybody else feel accomplished when they beat the 20 mph speed limit radar on Plum Street while on their bike?

Ten bucks says my girlfriend snores louder than your roommate.

Note to self: No more riding grocery store carts. It WILL flip, milk WILL spill, you WILL look completly and utterly stupid.

Let us all make a deal. Anyone that chooses to answer their phone in the quiet areas of the library gives permission to anyone around them to beat the silence into them.


You know you’re a bad speller when Microsoft spell check can’t even correct what word you’re trying to spell.

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