Bring the torch to Beijing

Apr 272008
Authors: By the Chinese Students, Scholar’s Association

We, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Colorado State University, feel deeply disappointed and hurt by the “Our View” the Collegian editors published on April 14, 2008.

The “Our View” said that it was a mistake to award the People’s Republic of China the honor of hosting the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. As Chinese students and scholars studying and working in Fort Collins, we strongly disagree with this statement.

The Olympic Committee gave the honor of hosting the 2008 Olympic Games to China as part of their goal to “inspire and lead Sport within the Olympic ideal, thereby promoting and strengthening friendship between the sportsmen of all countries.”

We saw nothing promoting or strengthening friendship or even basic tolerance from the Collegian’s Editorial Board.

China has been trying to become more open to the rest of the world. One way to achieve this is through this opportunity of welcoming the world to Beijing for the Olympics.

We are hoping for a chance for the world to clearly see modern China and to come to understand us more clearly.

We are hoping for more than empty rhetoric and the same old rehashing of political issues — but that was all we found in the Collegian’s “Our View.”

Just as individual Americans would not want themselves, their country and complex culture to be judged solely on the basis of Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay or the latest scandal of retired generals by the Pentagon to manipulate the U.S. media, China and its people cannot be judged or understood on the basis of a few hot button issues.

If the editors of the Collegian really do support free speech, they should welcome the lighting of the Olympic flame in Beijing this summer, where athletes from all over the world will be welcomed in the Olympic spirit of friendship, respect, tolerance, generosity, unity and non-discrimination — a spirit sadly missing from the Collegian’s “Our View.”

Bring the torch to Beijing!

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