Apr 242008
Authors: Aaron Hedge

The Collegian Advisory Committee came to a decision Thursday on their recommendation for a separation of Student Media from the university under a proposal drafted by Jeff Browne, the director of the program.

The decision was made in a closed-door session, and the details of the recommendation were not released to the public. Anne Hudgens, the executive director of Student Affairs will draft the proposal and send it to other voting members of the board for review tomorrow.

Blanches Hughes, the vice president of Student Affairs, will present the proposal to President Larry Penley. Seth Walter, the Student Media liaison for the Student Fee Review Board, will outline the details of the recommendation on Monday.

The proposal for a separation from the university comes after Penley held a closed door meeting on the first day of classes with representatives of media giant Gannett to sell the paper.

Gannett withdrew its interest halfway through the semester.

The main purpose of the separation would be to release the university from liability of editorial content in the Collegian.

Under Browne’s proposal, the rest of Student Media, including College Avenue Magazine, KCSU and CTV.

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