Apr 222008

To those in House District 15, of Colorado Springs: You blew it.

Instead of electing a representative who responsibly keeps his absolute contempt for minority cultures locked up inside, you elected Douglas Bruce, a man who’s not afraid to let his bigoted perspective get mixed into his speeches.

On Monday, Bruce referred to Mexican migrant workers as “illiterate peasants” during a speech to Colorado’s State House.

His phrasing removes all doubt of his elitist attitudes and will certainly hurt his peers’ efforts to curb a temporary seasonal worker program — the subject of debate.

We in Fort Collins know our respectable bigots; we are represented at the national level by Marilyn Musgrave. She’s led the war against the unfathomable horror that is gay marriage, and she’s done it without ever uttering a single homophobic slur in public, which we’re sure hasn’t been easy for her.

Seriously, though, the State House needs to take a hard long look at the Rep. Bruce. The guy has been troubling the senate since being sworn in, acting like the bad kid in the back of the classroom.

Racism still seethes in the corners of our towns and back alleys of our cities, as the rapidly growing immigrant population has some worried that they’re going to lose their job, lose out on their Anglo-Saxon culture, or some similarly worded garbage. How can we expect to beat back such ignorance when it’s bubbling out of the mouths of our own state leaders?

If Bruce really wants to become a “bad boy” of politics, he should just Google the name “James Traficant,” take a few notes and bury the hate he seems so proud of.

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