Ram Talk

Apr 202008

To the fashion and merchandising person, actually without agriculture you’d be NAKED, hungry, and sober.

Ladies, where have those legs been all winter? Just another reason to look forward to the summer…

To my roommate: Just because I play Halo and never clean and ALL you do is clean doesn’t mean we dont get along … you just haven’t realized that you complete me. You’re the cheese to my mac.

When is the horoscope of the hot girl sitting next to me going to tell her to make out with the guy on the right?

To all girls, including my roommate: spandex is only acceptable if you are in the gym, going directly to the gym, or going directly home from the gym. Please find a pair of jeans or sweats, no one wants to see that.

If my mood depends on the weather, and the weather changes 300 times a day, does that make me bi-polar?

Have you ever hit the snooze so many times even your alarm clock gives up on you?

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