Apr 172008

A year after the Virginia Tech massacre that caused the deaths of 33 students, including the gunman, Seung-Hui Cho, CSU has undergone an internal evaluation process, much like schools across the country, looking at how effective the university’s emergency protocol would be in the event of such an attack on campus.

But CSU is one of 11 campuses in the nation where students can still stick a gun in their waste band and walk into a class.

To many people, this seems like a dangerous policy, rife with potential for negative consequences.

Case in point: protestors lined up outside of Morgan Library Wednesday and lay down in silent opposition to CSU’s liberal policy on guns, known as “concealed carry.”

We at the Collegian oppose this mentality because statistics show that people with a license to carry are far less likely to commit a violent act, according to Students for Concealed Carry, a national pro-gun student organization.

Plus, people who go on shooting rampages aren’t likely to conceal their weapon, and even if they did, they would likely see no need for a license.

But while we at the Collegian have printed editorials in the past in support of the concealed carry policy, we wish to encourage the voice of the protestors who utilized their right to free speech in the cold wind and blowing snow which invaded Fort Collins Wednesday.

Nice work protestors. We hope they listen to you.

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