Apr 082008

Students, rejoice!

Through the bitter persistence of student leaders from across the state, Colorado politicians have heard us out, and for once we’ve actually achieved some results.

As a result of student-written textbook transparency legislation, textbook publishers will be required to disclose the price of textbooks and other materials on their Web sites and catalogs.

On top of that, publishers will also be required to disclose the substantial content revisions that occur in editions, meaning professors will be able to tell if there truly is a difference in the “updated” versions of the books publishers lure them into using for their classes, a time-tested scam method by the textbook industry.

If that wasn’t enough, take solace in the fact that publishers can no longer force the use of those frustrating bundle packages, in which a regular textbook is packaged with CDs, “workbooks” and other superfluous crap so they can justify doubling the price.

And to pay dues to where they are owed, this bill would’ve never seen the governor’s desk had it not been for the efforts of leaders from the Associated Students of Colorado and the Associated Students of CSU. These young men and women have spent a year putting their hearts and souls into this bill.

And while their smiles may say otherwise, its safe to assume bringing this thing to life was far from a pleasant experience; little is more unsettling than the angry glare of a textbook lobbyist.

With that frightening image in mind, we at the Collegian would like to thank the ASC and ASCSU for their efforts. Here’s hoping the poor textbook industry won’t shed too many tears over a little legally-mandated transparency.

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