Apr 072008

The CSU administration isn’t known for effective communication with students, especially with financial matters.

But in what the Collegian sees as an act of good faith to reverse the trend of coercive, sleight-of-hand tactics in administration, the Athletics Department withdrew a late proposal for a substantial increase in student fees Monday.

That proposal was submitted after Athletics Director Paul Kowalczyk promised students wouldn’t pay more in student fees for 2009. But after expensive coach replacements — necessary to keep Ram athletics competitive — the department found itself $2.4 million behind where it needs to be.

It’s no surprise, then, that the department scrambled to pull from students’ pockets.

But citing a desire to “honor earlier communication with students” and to not “erode student confidence” with budget matters, Tony Frank, provost and senior executive vice president, said the administration will seek other ways of funding the failing department.

Finally, an administrator advocates for student interests; he said President Larry Penley agreed, too.

Thank you, Dr. Frank. It’s refreshing.

Frank did note, however, the drastic need for increased funding, and was forthcoming in telling members of the Student Fee Review Board to expect an increase in 2010. That’s pretty effective communication, we’d say.

While it’s a simple equation — better teams, better school — students should always be fairly included in the process.

So, we commend Frank and the Athletics Department for keeping good on their promise to not increase student fees.

Now, if you can fix our failing teams, we’ll be happy to give you a few extra bucks in 2010.

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